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Bright House Networks in Marion, Indiana

The BrightHouse bundle packages in Marion, have three service bundle savings with one bill convenience. BrightHouse offers in Marion the high quality internet you expect, also BrightHouse television and BrightHouse phone are offered in Marion at a reasonable price. BrightHouse Cable, BrightHouse internet and BrightHouse phone packages are an example of that. BrightHouse Cable TV has been constantly improving their service in Marion and that is a wonderful benefit to their customers. The BrightHouse philosophy for Marion is simple, if you build the best bundle packages with High Speed Internet, Cable TV and Phone your customers will stay. Not only are BrightHouse Cable plans for Marion a great deal, they also provide outstanding channel selections including some of your favorite high definition HD, on demand and recording hardware options available anywhere. As always, BrightHouse makes sure you have all of your local channels, and includes them in each plan. BrightHouse is a proud Marion Cable service provider. If Bright House does not service your home, and you want to see all available TV providers in Marion, Indiana, please click here.

High-Speed Internet

Bright House's High-Speed Internet service provides the fastest Internet connection available to your home.
  • Surf Faster - Speeds faster than dialup and DSL.
  • Get our most popular service and enough bandwidth for everyone to enjoy! Swap photos, download music, play online games and more.
  • Popular Features - Spam blocker and anti-virus.
  • Always on; no waiting


Our most popular package, with something for everyone in the family. Enjoy these features:
  • All your favorite channels, like CNN, ESPN, Discovery Channel, MTV, USA Network, TBS, Nickelodeon and A&E, plus all local channels.
  • No special equipment required!
  • On Demand Programming - Access a library of movies from your remote.
  • DVR available - Record programs with the touch of a button and even pause live TV.

Digital Phone

When you live in a Bright House every day is easier because you can connect to the people you love without limit.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling- Call anytime, anywhere in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada for one low price.
  • Competitive Rates for International Calls.
  • Works with existing phones & jacks plus you can keep your current phone number!
  • Caller ID and *69